How good is your Norwegian? Kitchen pics

nosoccermomJuly 27, 2014

Just came across a Norwegian home decorating magazine. I love that look: light, sparse, but comfy.

Lots of white, wood, no busy counters in the kitchen, and no uppers.

Link to houses "here"

When you click on a house, more pictures will pop up.

Updated because wrong forum.

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When I get around to redoing the cabs and counters in my kitchen, I am going to put wood counters in, just like in the first pic in your link.

Europeans, in my opinion, are much smarter than Americans in this regard . They streamline things and are efficient, while Americans are all about bigger, mostly for ego and show, and not so much about efficient any longer We used to be. Sigh. We'll get back there again, I'm sure, but not without a lot of pain, I fear.

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Is there a way to edit the subject line?

Anyways, link to Norwegian kitchens (lots of pics). Hey, I now know the Norwegian/Danish word for "kitchen"

Here is a link that might be useful: Norwegian kitchens

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I believe those are vacation homes or cabins. Even Norwegians with a spare esthetic don't live that simply. (Well, the two Norwegian families whose homes I have visitedI in Stavanger and Oslo.)

The overall feel of the linked homes is of spaciousness, even though the rooms are tiny. That "less is more" style makes the best of what space is available. Our "more is not enough" style minimizes space with visual and spatial clutter.

I'm raising a guilty hand :-(

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They do look like vacation homes, but definitely not all of them are. These are family homes:

"Danish home, family of 3"

"Young couple"

"Family of 4, middle of Oslo"

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Due to the IKEA influence here, much of it seems very familiar!

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I have this cushion, brother sent it from...Thailand maybe?...and I didn't know what to do with it! Now I know, I need a bench. Does anyone know what these cushions are called?

And thanks for the website, I have a little Danish language and can pick out some of the Norwegian. Fun :)

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