Servicing an old dishwasher

swampfeverAugust 26, 2010


We have an 18 year old Kitchenaid dishwasher that still works perfectly, quiet, no leaks, cleans everything and only takes about an hour to run. We had to pull it out to install new granite. I wanted some advice on any type of servicing I should do while the dishwasher is out of the cabinet.

I was going to replace it, but can't seem to find anything that holds up nearly as well, so I just wanted to know what to do to pamper the old babe.

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The first thing that comes to my mind is to check the discharge connections and hose and, the water inlet connections and supply lines. These are areas that can deteriorate over time and have a tendency to leak once disturbed by moving the unit out. I'm sure you have already cleaned dust and any debris from the exposed cavities. Using a paint brush can help loosen dust and dirt to be brushed or vacuumed out. Look at any wiring and connections to make sure they are secure. Make sure none of the wiring insulation is cracked or showing signs of overheating. Inspect the door seal also while you're at it. It's not uncommon for older units to last seemingly forever and to get rid of one just to have a new one can lead to frustration these days.

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Be careful, you can get electrocuted if you don't know what you are doing. Live in L.A.area & read about it every once in awhile. Sometimes things aren't properly grounded in old houses & water & electricity don't mix!

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You are right about new vs. old dishwashers. New dishwashers are built to self-destruct within 3-5 years with frequent use. Keep your old one running!

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Those older KA were great so it is a good idea to keep it. I think you can buy old parts online too. Maybe just replaced some parts like the water pump that you have it out. Vacuum out under it (of course with not connected to the power). Look at the power cord is it brittle, frayed or maybe just have a new one put on.

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