What kind of adhesive do you use??

stephmc72March 4, 2003

What do you use to tack down your papers, cut outs, photos, etc on your scrapbook pages?? I'm looking for a good method but I'm not sure what's the best way to go.

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Well, you can use a glue stick. Or you can use the double sided tape that comes on rolls and is cut into tiny squares. For special photos that I don't want to damage, but I might want to take out to scan or copy or something, I use photo corners. You know, those corners in traditional scrapbooks that you insert the photos into. I also use pretty stickers on the corners on some pictures to "nail" them to the pages.



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I am a CM customer and that is about all I use. I use mostly the tape runner on my pictures and I use ??? on my paper. I can't remember the name and my stuff is over at a friends. I'll have to let you know as soon as I pick it up. Jewels

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I use CM Tape Runners (only the originals --not the Refills)

I do not like the Refill Tape Runners by CM. They waste too much tape, spend too much time cutting off the paper tail and it aggrivates my index finger to keep rolling the paper.

The Original CM Tape Runner is super neat. YOu can use only a Teeny Tiny amount or longer piece of tape. Very neat indeed.

That is the only kind I've ever used.

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there is a great adhesive that is very available at walmart, and other places, our cvs pharmacy has it, as does office supply stores. it is called, easystick, and you can get it permanent or repositional, refillable or not. it is very inexpensive and i love it. i also love my hermafix, those crazy little blue dots....hope this helps!

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