Would you put a fan here? Will it make a difference?

jaynes123_gwJuly 19, 2014

Our exteriors done and NO changing windows which Im very happy with, just as intended but in hindsight, boyfriends concerned. Hes big BIG on fresh air / breeze and disappointed so little outside access.

Front & back of LR/DR are full-length STATIONARY windows (red lines). Both include a glass door with screen so 2 accesses plus 2 more with both LR's double hungss, total 4..

We picked a HDepot Altura 68" fan for LR, which boast big 8435 cfm air movement.

Debating a 2nd fan, same Altura smaller 60", for DR (marked as yellow circle) where I'd intended only a light, a decorative statement (floorplan all recessed lighting except kitchen pendants).

He's very "... whatever you think" but know hes concerned. I WOULD do DR fan **IF** it would significantly aide bringing in fresh air but question if it would, being somewhat tucked in DR corner.

Any air flow scientists or based on this, what would you do?

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I would never hang a fan over a dining room table. In addition to a windstorm, you'll have cold food faster than you can say, "Ugh, my steak is cold!" That 68" (!!!) fan is going to create more 'breeze' than you may actually anticipate. Stick with your lighting plan.

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I'm feeling dense...the blue is showing openable windows, but on the outside of those is red which is stationary windows? What am I missing? Are there no windows at all on the left outside walls? Do you have forced air furnace that will allow you to use the circulating fan with no heat?

I can't imagine a ceiling fan that size except maybe in the peak of a cathedral ceiling. The noise alone would drive me bonkers (or what I'd imagine it sounds like).

I have lots of openable windows and no ceiling fans. It seldom gets hot enough here to need much cooling, but for a couple of weeks each year even the windows being open does not provide the cooling needed. The house can heat up during the day and the cooler evening air doesn't flow in unless there is a breeze.

I recently remodeled my upstairs bath and installed a Fantech bath fan with two inlets, both include halogen spots, so they look very much just like ceiling can lights (the fan grid is not too prominent). The fan motor is mounted in the attic so they are virtually silent. But I discovered that by turning the fan on in the evening, it is so powerful that it sucks cool air right into the house. It's not a strong air movement feel, but you can immediately feel the warmer air being replaced with cool, even downstairs (I have an open stairway). My house is about 2000 sq ft, so it's pretty impressive that this fan can exhaust so much air.

I'm mentioning it because perhaps something like that might work, if you could replace a couple of your can lights with the exhaust fan/light combo grid (maybe in the kitchen?) If there is not attic space above, they also make an outdoor wall mount motor. I'm linking to it just so you can see what I'm talking about. This is my model, lower left; they have led and fluorescent lights available, too, upper right. The drawing on the right shows how they are configured with the motor in the attic (or outside the wall). I think Fantech makes other products, maybe one that would work to move more air through your home.

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Regarding noise, apparantly its not noisy ("...I like how quiet the fan motor is (although you can hear a very small humming at the high setting)...) guessing because they say it moves more slowly - blade size must be behind the strong breeze.

Did I miss the link you mentioned for the fantech? There is 2nd floor but would be interested in the side vent version. Went to the site but theyve a lot of products

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I can link to mine but wanted to show the pic and I only found that by googling. I don't know what they've done with their website...it wasn't user friendly to me...but used to be. I found this on amazon (not where I bought mine) because it seems to have the best product description. It must be on their website, but I gave up looking...

Here is a link that might be useful: fantech dual fan

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Oly, I updated layout -red lines are stationary windows.
Blue indicates windows / doors.that can be left opened.

Did I miss the link you mentioned. We have 2nd floor but would like to see side vent fantech items. Removing air would have to mean new air coming in.

Tomaro- to be fair, wouldnt run during dinner but your point on breeze is true as we wont often use table and primarily be under living room fan which has 8435 cfm, double average fan airflow..

Its that fresh air he speaks of though.
Still not sure 2nd fan will make difference, whether any more outdoor air will come in because of additional fan.

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Thanks Oly, see link now !

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As for a fan over the dining table, we have one and love it. We keep it on low most of the time and there is just a light breeze, I don't notice my food getting cold.

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Consider a wall mount fan in the dining room. I own Matthews Fan Michelle Parede and it is installed in my dining room.

I also own modern fans as ceiling mount fans throughout my home. They are exceptionally quiet. I would reconsider purchasing fans from Home Depot. I find that the more expensive fans are really quiet. They are not significantly more expensive than Home Depot. A friend has Emerson fans and they are super quiet too. I don't think you need super large fans. My living room is 20' x 16' and is severed by a 48" long Modern fan.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Wall mount fans

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I too don't know that the fan would make a difference. But I also wouldn't nix a fan/light combo if you use your DR table as we do in addition to actual dining. For jigsaw puzzles, playing cards and board games, craft and sewing projects. You can always turn it off during dinner if that's a concern.

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Ceiling fans do NOT improve the "fresh breeze" he's looking for. they stir things around, but outside air stays outside.

What you need is a "whole house" fan in the attic to pull stale air up and out, so fresh breeze can come in the windows.

Opening an upper floor window might do it for you - hot air goes up and cool air comes in.

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Put the fan in the DR. We have no attic and have really high ceilings and the thing that helps keep us cool(er) in the summer is those ceiling fans. Also, they help move the warm air down from the upstairs in the winter. Do make sure your fans have reverse ability. Cool place btw, but I'd see about getting those windows open-able.

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With our limited openings realizing fresh air flow are separate for us - fresh air and air flow

AIR FLOW I'ld normally expect only within room of fan, even a strong fan. It was our layout - one corner 3 wall openings, close together and diagonally opposite corner the only other 4th opening making me think powerful 8000+ cfm fan could direct air flow across rooms between corners. Might, might not. Going to see how soon they can get LR fan up to find out.

Oly & lazy, much thank on fresh air, appreciate the fantech and whole fan ideas to look into.

sasafras, thankfully reversible fan but windows not returnable and already paid much to front glass door location.

phone & happy, even if no air flow issue, may likely NEED a DR fan. Front has a covered porch, back has no such cover and DR fan may be needed depending how warm area gets from sun.

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