Keeping leaves out of gutters

newhomeowner-2009August 18, 2009

Is anyone familiar with those screening devices that they sell to keep leaves out of gutters? We have a recurrent problem with that.

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I've used both the plastic and aluminum ones (I think they're called gutter guard at Home Depot). I like the aluminum ones better. Once installed they do a great job and are easy to work with. They are hinged and if you shoul need to get into the gutter, they just swing up, you do whatever you intend to do and just flip it back down. The black plastic one that comes in a roll works fine too except I've seen where they dip down in a few places where leaves pile up. It doesn't stop their effectiveness, it just doesn't look uniform. Pine needles find their way through both types but wash out through the down spouts quite easily when it rains.

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Thanks. I actually went ahead and bought a "gutter sense" leaf-grabbing tool for the time being.

It's a bit late to ask, as it is en route to me, but I wonder if anyone is familiar with this. I figure it is preferable to using the rickety ladder that I have.

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I've owned houses in the Pacific NW for 40 years and have never found a good solution for leaf accumulation. I've tried those screens, but, once you get a lot of damp leaves, maple leaf seeds, and pine needles piling up on them, then the water stars cascading over the gutter. Then you have to get on the ladder to remove the crap that's accumulated. There is at least one lengthy thread on GardenWeb about "leaf guard-type" products where people discuss their success or lack thereof with various products. After I finished reading it, I decided I was going to have to continue getting up on a ladder once in a while. However, you may want to do a search on this topic and see what folks say. There are some folks who seem satisfied, and maybe you'll have more luck than I've had.

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What do you think of the "gutter sense" product I just ordered. See

I have a ladder that I got from the old owner, but it's made of wood and I don't really trust it. New ones are hundreds of dollars. I pay a guy $30 (or maybe $50?) to take out the leaves in the fall, but they still accumulate.

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The product is stupid. The higher the gutter, the more stupid it is.
You can't see what you're doing from below the gutter. If you got 1/2 the leaves, I'd be surprised.
This is a device for the more gullible individual who thinks this is an alternative solution to either gutter guards or getting up on a ladder to do it correctly.
This also smells like SPAM.

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