Dryer vent in middle of wall?

kwerkAugust 20, 2010

I have a downstairs laundry room and the dryer vent is simply a hole in the floor with a short duct that goes under the floor to a hole in the rim board.

The problem is I need to attach a deck ledger along the rim board of the house so I want to know if I can move the vent up a few feet so it is in the middle of the wall? Is that usually allowed by code?

When the original deck was built 25 years ago they just cut a gap for the vent and of course it rotted the deck in that area.

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You certainly can put it in the position you indicate.

There are tables (somewhere) as to how long a dryer duct can be, depending on the material, elbows, etc. I've seen them go up and across the basement to exit on the opposite wall. As long as you use aluminum duct, not corrugated aluminum or plastic, tape your seams well and minimize bends AND install with no bowing in the run you could take it well away from the deck altogether, if you have the access.

You might want to think about a lint catcher inside or your deck will be fluffy.
Secondly, your grilling time might be permeated with the smell of dryer sheets if you don't plan accordingly.

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How far does the vent hood project from the sheathing?

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I would agree, you can move it there without issue. I don't think I would want it at that level blowing on the deck. I would consider moving it higher or extending it through the ledger and having it exhaust at the outside edge of the deck.

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The dryer is directly behind that wall, the door is to the laundry room so the duct is only 2 feet long. The deck runs the whole length of the rim joist so there is no other place to move it, unless I run it 12 feet through the basement, attached perpendicular to the joists and vent on the side of the house (picture is the back of house).

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You didn't say how far the hood projected so I'll tell you that if it is not much you can use aluminum deck brackets and not have to move the discharge hood.

If the wood is pressure treated and perhaps even wrapped with WR Grace Deck Protector the dryer air will not damage it.

I never use a ledger board anymore because they tend to cause leaks and damage to the house.

Here is a link that might be useful: deck brackets

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