URGENT request to all the sewers out there!!!

bbf2408January 13, 2013

OKAY so here is the story...
A 4 month old little baby boy named Alex took quite a fall and now is in a coma...
he is showing small baby steps of progress but still has a looooooong way to go.

My request is for anyone who can sew... to sew a prayer blanket. quilt, stuffed animal ... anything.
this family needs all the prayers and spiritual support they can get!

please leave a comment if you would like to make something for baby Alex.

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Hmmm. Sounds.....suspicious. Don't get fooled by this story.

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but Mimi, I was about to sign a big check......should I call off my trip to the local Western Union counter? /jk

OP, I'm on board w/a prayer request. But I don't see how sewing something will help little Alex? Doesn't G*d hear prayers from non-sewers? There's lots of them out there....

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And what exactly would a 4 month old baby (in a coma, no less) do with dozens or hundreds of stuffed animals?

And no address to send them to?

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Gotta use your "noodle" when it comes to stuff like this. Once I read a "beg" for furn, any household items, fence, doghouse, and on & on...poor, young couple needed to set up housekeeping. I responded.."yet you can afford internet service?" OH MY!...the words she used replying to me should have been bleeped out!!

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Also registered here same day as post.RED FLAGS ALL OVER.

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Sounds to me like internet Munchausen Syndrome!!!!

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BTW, how does a 4 month old take such a fall??

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