Can you replace built-in weatherstripping?

brainlessgardenerAugust 20, 2013

My pre-hung steel doors have built-in weatherstripping. I want to replace it with a different color (you're not supposed to paint vinyl). It doesn't look like you can just pull it out. Is it not possible to replace some kinds of weatherstripping?

If not, should I look into a vinyl dye?

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There is generally a kerf in the frame that a compression or magnetic weatherstrip is slid into. This weatherstrip should just pull out. It is replaceable but the only colors I know of that are available are white and bronze.

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Post up a picture but MillWorkMan is, as always, dead on.

They had to get it in there somehow so that pretty much is it.

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It looks like bronze, white, and beige are available. allaboutdoors has a full line it seems. I also found an ariticle on (San Fran newspaper)

If you have a older door that needs some, (as I do in a 50yo house) Cinch makes some pretty easy to use self adhesive ones that a local contractor recommended on his radio show at

Here is a link that might be useful: Steel Door Seal Replacement

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The beige or sand as some manufacturers call it is I do believe only available in the Q-lon or compression type not the magnetic that some of the steel door manufacturers use and I prefer.

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