Any 'rules' for glass front cabinets?

marvelousmarvinMay 21, 2013

I'm trying to keep my white kitchen from coming across as too sterile, and I read that one of the keys to doing that was to switch from solid cabinets to glass front cabinets.

But, I've been looking at a bunch of pictures of white kitchens with glass cabinets and I can't really spot the pattern or any underlying rule for which cabinets you'd switch out other than its the upper cabinets that will get the glass front.

Unless they're replacing all the uppper cabinets with glass, so far it seems random to me as to which upper cabinets you'd cherry pick to give them glass while keeping the rest of the cabinets with a solid front.

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I don't think there are any rules. I've seen a lot of folks put glass on the two cabinets on either side of the window over the sink. You can use a glass cabinet as a focal point on its own. I put glass on one cabinet on the end of a run of cabinets, and also on a hutch. Usually you would use that cabinet to display nicer dinnerware, pottery, etc...

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I have them on each side of my sink, sides are glass too. Lets in a lot of light. I also have one by the beverage area for beer, wine, margarita glasses. I opted not to do all glass over there because I also have all the coffee mugs stored there, coffee pods, the bar accessories behind the solid doors.

You just need to plan out what will go where.

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Sorry, but I couldn't bother getting into Photobucket to post 2 photos in one post...

Here is the other side of the kitchen

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Yes, no rules, just whatever you think will look nice.

We did glass at the edges up our range run to break of what could have been a heavy run of uppers centered by a large wood hood, and at the breakfast bar to lighten up the top-heavy look.

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Annie Deighnaugh

They should make some sense. GF put one on each end of the run of cabinets. Or flanking the sink, or cooktop. But as long as they make sense to you, it should work. Just think about contents as well....GF planned to store her China in one and the other was for display.

We have glass front uppers above our regular cabinets and use those only for display and they are lit. We also made those doors separate from the door below so they wouldn't be opened and closed all the time.

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All beautiful examples of glass front cabinets. Another thing to think about is if you want to have your items on display? There are also opaque glass fronts that will give you the variation, but you cannot see through them.

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Off topic: Marcy can you please tell me the details of your kitchen. Color of cabinets, backsplash and granite. I have a second home in Florida that will have to be renovated and I am "collecting" ideas for this future renovation.

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I have white cabinets with glass doors. They are clear glass with divides. My only comment is that we have clear glasses stored there and it looks bland. I don't have a lot of space so using a cabinet for display items is not an option. Just something to consider.

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laura mcleod

I agree it helps if there is some sort of logic or symmetry. We have a smaller kitchen and I could not decide where to have glass - no matter how I did it, the glass seemed too random. So I went all glass (food items go in the pantry and kids plastic stuff etc.. in drawers) and I've loved it.

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I went pretty much all glass, too. I have never been a big fan of uppers-- they usually have too heavy a look for me. So the glass was a compromise. I'm very happy with them.

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I have a U shaped kitchen, and I like the idea of putting all upper glass cabinets flanking the window and the sink below it. That side of the house has a lot of windows, and it feels right that you'd want to put glass cabinets alongside all those windows.

But, two more questions:

1) I thought the purpose of bringing in glass cabinets was to break up the monotony of this block of all white cabinetry.

But, if I put glass cabinets on only 1 wall where there's already a window, am I really accomplishing that? It seems like the window itself would have broken up that block of white cabinetry.

2) I couldn't find glass cabinets that matched the cabinets I was planning on using. So, if I used glass cabinets, it'd have to be slightly different from all the cabinets- one cabinet style would be raised panel and other cabinet style would be shaker.

With all the upper glass cabinets on 1 wall would be 1 style,
would that seem 'off' even though they wouldn't be next to an upper cabinet of another style?

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