underlining for fax fur (faux fur)--what to use?

talley_sue_nycJanuary 28, 2014

I'm thinking of making my DD a fur vest using a fake fur she really loved the feel of.

What would I use for an underlining?

I'm thinking the basic lining material I can get for $2/yd is too thin.

Would I want a medium weight?

But I think I would want something shiny/smooth, not a broadcloth, yes?

Would I want a plain satin? or charmeuse? And woven, not knit, right?

Guidance please!

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I assume you're talking about fabric for >>liningAs for lining for a faux fur piece I would suggest something silky like a heavier weight satin or charmeuse. No broadcloth, no rayon lining and definitely not a knit. Since the wrong side of the fur is probably a knit, you want something to smoothly glide over that side and you want a little heavier weight to keep the lining smooth and neat.


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You can buy lining fabric that isn't too thin and I would just select a nice smooth medium weight lining..and yes woven......I bought a beautiful fax fur throw to use for a gift and ended up not using it so I am going to use it to make a couple of vests. It is already lined with a nice silky lining ....I'm going to use it and some bias binding to finish it...

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I do know the difference between underlining and lining; you'd want the same fabric for either.

A few of the blogs, etc., I'd read about working w/ faux fur used the term underlining--I thought perhaps that was to provide a certain amount of stability for the knit. And I'd figured I'd cover the seam allowances with a Hong Kong bias of the lining material.

But it does make sense that a lining would let me use it as a facing, to finish off the edges at the armholes, neck, and front.

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For something as quickly outgrown as a kid's vest, I wouldn't bother to underline. I'd line it with denim, and not use the lining pattern. I'd cut the denim out of the vest pattern.

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She's not a kid--she's 19.
I don't think she'll be outgrowing anything anymore.

And denim is REALLY thick--I really wouldn't want that involved in a faux fur vest that is supposed to be sort of dressy. It would be really stiff, and the vest wouldn't drape prettily. Denim is rough, so it wouldn't slide easily over clothes.

And I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to try sew both thick faux fur AND tough denim.

That just seems like a really weird match--denim and faux fur. And denim as a lining for anything seems really weird; it's much more customary to have the lining be a lighter fabric. Denim's about the heaviest fabric I can think of.

I thought all vests were lined simply using the vest pattern itself. That had always been my plan.

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