Forum inactive....hmmmm...did I break it?

krissie55November 17, 2010

Long time since people have been posting, is this forum dead?

Guess no one is interested in saving money these days.

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Hummm, I was wondering the same thing. OK on a different thought, today I picked up a board game at a local thrift shop that I think will be fun to play over the upcoming holidays. I took a chance but I was lucky enough to score a complete game for a dollar - it's the Genus V edition of Trival Pursuit and was selling new on Amazon for just over sixty bucks. OK some of the questions are old but then so am I (LOL). It will provide some cheap entertainment at some point. Funny thing, this game was never or only "lightly used". There are some good buys out there if you don't mind the idea of previously owned. MHO only Budster

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Hi Krissie,

No, not broken...just slower at some times than others.

It is that time of year to think about $$ spent on heating and how to conserve both heat and thus $$$. It's now long john, wool socks, and sweatshirt weather here, but I am quite comfy. I 'found' an older pair of house slipper booties at the back of the closet and I'm enjoying wearing them too when inside.

I've been thinking about baking something(s) this evening to satisfy my sweet tooth and to warm the kitchen some too.


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"Guess no one is interested in saving money these days. "

Maybe everyone is already saving money, and they don't need to come here for ideas.

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It seems to me the traffic on message boards tends to go up when outdoor temperatures go down and we get the holidays behind us. Perhaps New Year's resolutions will have folks looking for some new frugal ideas.

I'm currently rereading (an annual thing for me) the three volumes of the Tightwad Gazette for inspiration and ideas. When I'm done with those I'll graze through my 'old friends', "More-with-Less Cookbook" and "Living More With Less" by Doris Janzen Longacre.

It sounds like we may be on the brink of inflation or even hyper-inflation and we'll be needing every frugal homemaker skill we can gather together.

Thought for the day:

-Use EVERYTHING like it's your last one and you'll find you use considerably less.

-Take care of what you already have.

-Buy used instead of new. Better yet, borrow or barter.


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I'm more interested in ever in saving money! I've just been busy with my boys and all their activities and don't get much screen time these days. We all share one computer and their homework takes most of the evening.

The frugal buy I'm looking for right now is a varsity jacket/school jacket for my son who is a Sophmore. He got a letter in men's volleyball last Spring, and now that it's getting colder he wants a school jacket to sew it on to. They are $300!!! I'm combing thift stores in the area - several people told me they got one at a thrift store & took it to the local School Days shop and had new patches sewn on it.

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mommabird - If you haven't already - try to ask a salesclerk or the ladies in the back room (sorting area) if they have seen one lately.... sometimes the item you want is not yet priced but someone has seen it -- it has worked for me on several occassions. Also ask other thrift store shoppers to keep a watch out for the desired item....the more eyes out there looking the better. Good luck.

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Hi Budster,

Offering your usual in-depth frugal advice, I see.

ole joyful

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I'm still looking for deals. I am looking tomorrow for a Sunday coat. I've gained weight and the one I had (used very little) was well.... you get it, too little. I passed it on to my very small daughter-in-law. Hope I can find something. It seems our local Goodwill store has raised prices. I found a men's flannel shirt the other day. When I got to the front, instead of being their usual $3 it was $6.95. I said no to that. Going to try a Goodwill in another town.
Good luck to all that are trying to be frugal this time of year... and any time of year.

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OT - Greetings ole joyful.... wishing you a happy and frugal Christmas and New Year's. Budster - who still picks up pennies, returns empty bottles and saves where she can.

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Hi krissie,

Better to (maybe) break a forum ...

... than be broke, yourself!

And avoiding being broke sometimes takes some forethought and planning.

I think that'll become true in spades in the coming years, as more of our high-paying jobs "evaporate" (translation: move overseas because our entrepreneurs, as well as those in other countries, prefer to pay a buck a day to paying $10.00/hour here).

When I can buy a pair of reading glasses in the dollar store for a buck ...

... I have a suspicion that some slave labour (or nearly so) has been involved in it, somewhere along the line.

Good wishes for avoiding being broke - both now and later.

ole joyful ... thankful to be enjoying good health (physical/mental/spiritual assets) and a comfortable retirement (financial/friends/activities assets)

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