need help with pleater tape

kateskourosJanuary 10, 2014

i'm wanting to do a set of french pleated sheers on a ceiling mounted traverse rod to cover an entire width of a 13' wall of windows. there will be two panels, open to the center.

i found ready made sheer panels that are 100" wide and have purchased four. i plan to sew two panels together for each side of the wall.

i'm a complete novice however, and want to use some kind of pleater tape to form pleats on the heading. i see there are basically two types available: a sheer, lightweight type that has cords that are pulled to form the pleats (i don't get how this works, exactly, and it doesn't really seem to do that good a job, imho) -and the more traditional tape which use pleating pins. i'm more familiar with the former, as i've seen my MIL make draperies using this method.

being that the panels are sheers, should i use the lighter, sheer pleater tape or do you think the heavier, more opaque pleater tape and four prong pins would be okay? i'm thinking the sheer tape will look better, but i'm concerned the pleats will not work out as well as the heavier tape and pleater pins.

again, i'm a total beginner and don't feel at all comfortable with doing the pleats myself, without a pleater tape. that's just NOT going to happen! but i do want the very best outcome i can possibly achieve using whatever is available.

any help is appreciated!

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I found this video (linked below) that shows how to use a sheer pinch pleat tape.

Many years ago, I made a pinch pleat drape. I measured and marked out all the spacings & formed the pleats myself. I used a stiffener (buckram) in the header of the drape, too. It was a lot of work and I would like to try using a pinch pleat tape on my next project.

Off hand, I would guess the lighter weight/sheer tape would be best in your situation, but I am not certain.

I hope this video helps. Please keep us posted on your project and attach pictures if you can!


Here is a link that might be useful: How To Use Triple Pinch Pleat Tape

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