Who Uses Target Cubes?

sue102March 1, 2006

I've been scrapbooking for a lot of years but only the last 4 years have i had my own scrapspace. It's in the basement so none of my things match. Last year I bought 3 sets of Target Cubes and arranged them so that they hold a lot of my things where i can actually see them. I love them and am wondering how many of you use them also?


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If those cubes are the size to hold the paper, one of the gals who does parties makes shelves turning the cubes so the opening is on the side, and making shelves by tying the shelves with plastic ties. I cannot remember what she uses for shelves, but they really hold the paper nice.

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You can use zip ties to help hold the shelves in place. The shelves come from reconfiguring the cubes and adding shelves to them. They are wonderful for paper and all of your supplies!

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i have one set left up - I went vertical and bought a ton of crop hoppers...
but yes use sip ties ;) and don't try stacking them 6 high and then sliding them across the floor without removing all the stuff from them - it isn't pretty :D lol

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I have never seen target cubes what do they look like? Are they expensive?I sure can use some for the color paper I got.Bye

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You can get them at Target, obviously. They come in sets large enough to make 6 cubes and can be found in their shelving section. The cost varies from about $15.00 regular price to the sale price (about 4 times a year) of $12.00 per set. Very reasonable and can be used for a lot of things. Gee, maybe Target should hire me to advertise them! LOL

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Here is a picture of mine...
if you look on the top right shelf - I have it flipped traditionally it was the other way and they were stacked about 5 high ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Target Cubes

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