Removing storm/screen door

chris_ontAugust 14, 2011


I'm not sure in which forum to place this question.

I have an older home (60 years).

I would like to remove the screen door at the front because it's ugly and it makes it hard to get in and out when your hands are full. I don't need it for ventilation in the summer. There is a small, open landing outside with a roof.

The entrance door is solid wood with three narrow windows in the upper third. The door closes tightly and has weather stripping.

My question is that, given the above, how much value is the screen door in terms of added insulation (by trapping a little warmer air between the wood door and the screen door in the winter)?


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I would replace it. I have a new fiberglass front door that went without a storm for several years. I installed a storm last summer and it did make a difference this winter. We are in New England and the front door faces NE where the nasty stuff comes from. One other issue that I didn't anticipate was curb appeal. It added that finished look.

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It must be doing something right, or it wouldn't qualify for tax credit. Storms prevent the (much more expensive) interior door from getting the tar beat out of it by the weather. My house came with no storm doors, and after nearly 10 years of constant maintenance on the exterior doors, I bit the bullet, had the frames built up to accept storm doors, and installed them. Haven't regretted it. I also like the ability to open the interior doors to let more light and air in.

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