Making my wedding dress and I could use suggestions

cloybabyJanuary 7, 2014

Hello everyone I have started a new project and could use some help. I have worked as a seamstress for 5 years and have made many wedding dresses but when for some reason I find the idea of starting my own wedding dress frustratingly difficult. I have a picture of a dress that I love included in this post but there are a few problems. One I have no Idea where to even start on this dress and two this is a beautiful strapless spring dress and my wedding is set for December. Problem two is I am currently on a weight loss plan and have no idea what body style I will have come wedding day. I have no plan for this dress really and no style or pattern in mind so I would love any ideas of feedback that you might offer. Please just dig down into this creative minds I know you all have and please help my with this daunting task. Thank you to you all and I will take all your ideas with all the love and appreciation in the world.

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I'd say you will probably change your mind several times before the wedding, so don't get in a hurry.

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I'd also suggest you look for something you love in a style more appropriate to the season; gooseflesh in a strapless dress is not attractive.

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I agree with both of the posts above. Sure, you could come up with a lovely light shawl or something else to help keep you warm, but then you would not be showcasing the dress you so love. And if you are going to lose a good amount of weight, you really can't make a decision on a dress right now. Just keep looking around and when you are ready, you will be better able to make a decision about the dress.

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Thanks you all for your suggestions. You're right I need to find a new style and wait to start a little closer to the date.

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Another thing: I'd try on a dress or two just to double check that "the dress" you love looks the way on you as it does in the picture.

I just had a fitting with a second-time bride yesterday. Her sisters loved the dress, and she thought she would, once it was fitted properly. In spite of pinning carefully, she looked at the dress wasn't the one. Back to the store it went.

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