Help Solve Tub/Shower Water Leak

auggie1020August 4, 2010

Hi all:

House built 2 years ago. Whenever someone showers in the bonus room bathroom the water apparently bounces off the person hits the wall that the shower head is on, drops down, then runs along the crack where the wall and tub meet and runs out onto the floor. There is a lot of water. This does not happen when the shower is running without someone showering so I am pretty certain that the source of the water is from it bouncing off the person showering and the cause is that the tub was not installed correctly so water on the edge will NOT flow into the tub but rather along the wall and onto the floor. Has anyone else dealt with this before and can offer some sage advice. I am trying to avoid a splash shield. PS. Tightly closing the shower curtain provides no relief because the leaking water is a tight bead that runs along were the tub meets the wall.

Thanks for any advice.

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I think the most simple attempt at a quick fix would be to make a dam at the inside edge of the tub from the wall with clear Bath and Kitchen silicon caulk. That should channel the water back into the tub before it gets to the outside of the tub.

The more secure and longer lasting fix would be to install a sliding shower door.

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I'd check the caulk along the top of the tub. If water is getting in back of it ther or in the corner, it will run to the floor as you describe.

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