how to gauge window quality

sddiyAugust 4, 2013

I'm looking into buying a new window for my bathroom. I'm installing them myself.

Home depot gave me a quote for $170. gave me a quote for $400. I'm going to get more quotes this week, but what should I be looking for? I live in NY and just want to make sure the windows can keep the cold out.

Both windows are lowe3 with argon, double pane.

Windowestore gave me the following info "Double Strength Glass- Double Pane- Super Spacer- Half Screen- Low E3 366 Max Performance Glass Package- 1" Overall IG Unit- Argon Gas- EZ Clean Tilt in sashes U-Factor .30 +/- SHGC .20 +/- Blocks approx. 99% Heat and Cold- 3 1/4" Frame depth Double Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty"

I tried to look online for reviews but couldn't find any. Anyone know if there windows are any good?

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What brand are the windows? What type of window are you looking for? HD or the windowstore are not known for great quality windows. You need to compare the performance data. If you post this to the window forum as well as where in NY your are the pros there will give you help as well.

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The home depot windows are American Craftsman 8500 Equal light. I am in NYC suburbs. No idea what the window e-store brand is.

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American Craftsman is crap. I will checkout windowstore but suspect that is as well.

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"How to cut your energy bills in half / Window E Store" is all I needed to see to know they are crap as that is an out and out lie! The balance of the site gets no better, riddled with misinformation.

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to complicate things, I think all my windows have storm windows. I'm not sure what that means, but all my windows have a third window pane I can open/close on the outside of the window and screen. That is called storm window?

Since I am concerned with the cold air coming in, I think I should stick with storm windows right? price on a storm window is $663. So a storm window is $263 extra. Ouch.

Does home depot carry storm windows?

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Please post to to window forum, the guys there have much more knowledge about vinyl and storm windows then I.

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We run a small window replacement company and have been buying windows from the for quite a while. We think they are excellent windows. I think you might be talking about a piggyback storm window. The storm windows that windowestore has on their site are hurricane windows I believe.

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