Who made MW Signature Serial#URR-279-A, Model#55X sewing machine

Mable123January 26, 2012

I would like to know what company made 1958 Montgomery Ward sewing machine, Serial# URR-279-A, Model# 55X. I assume it was 1958 model as I bought it in October 1958.

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I am no expert on sewing machines, but your sewing machine may have been made in Japan. I know I have had one back that old and that is where it was made. As for the company I don't know. I hope someone here can answer your question.


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I tired digging around on the net and the most I could find was that up until 1954 MW's machines were made by National.

'National also happened to be the supplier of sewing machines for Montgomery Wards & Co., Sears Roebuck & Co.'s chief competitor. However, unlike Montgomery Wards, which would continue to get all sewing machines from National until the sewing machine company met its demise in 1954, Sears would switch its suppliers several times in the following years.'

On the website I linked to, you have to register & post an intro just to read the forums, I didn't take the time to do that.

Wait a minute. Is this your machine?


The writer says it was made in Japan but not the mfr. This may not be yours, your model number is slightly different.

You could join this yahoo group, I bet you'd be able to find the mfr. there but it would take some digging.
vintagejapansewingmachines-you'll have to google it, gardenweb won't let me post the link (it's true some yahoo groups are spammy & members are bombarded with filthy emails, I still get some real lulu's from a bicycling group I was in ages ago!)

You have a mystery machine Mable! I'm curious to see if anyone can get a definitive answer for you. Do you still sew on it?

Here is a link that might be useful: sewing machine collector site

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