How to save a bucket of money ...

joyfulguyNovember 7, 2006

Quit smokin'!

Of course ...

... you'll almost certainly live longer.

So you'll need to use part of the savings to fund a longer retirement (any retirement?).

And you'll probably enjoy good health when that time comes ...

... so will need even more money to run around and have a ball.

May well save on fewer medical bills, not only through life, but as you near its end, as well.

May well save some money on med. insurance, as well, if you're a U.S. resident.

It isn't easy - but almost 100% of the people who have quit say ...

... that it sure is worth the hassle!

Many have found a lot of help at the forums at

Good wishes to you - especially if you choose to give up those white paper tubes filled with dead leaves - that pretty well put one in handcuffs.

ole joyful

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Hi, joyful. Happy to say I quit over five years ago and have been socking my cigarette money into an ING account. Of course I don't leave it there forever. Hubby and I have used my cig money on two cruises, one to the Carribean and one to Hawaii. Now, if I could just get him to quit we could buy a spectacular vehicle or a motorhome and enjoy our retirement years better and longer

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If the credit card bills are coming home to roost, like the vultures, following the Christmas binge ...

... and you don't know what to do ...

... where to find the money to pay them off???

Here's an idea that may help.

And just think - you'll very likely qualify for a bonus!!

Well - it may be long-term ...

... but it's really important - or could be ...

... better health!!

Longer life ... with a more interesting, enjoyable retirement ...

...(using your pension credits yourself - rather than letting someone else and family enjoy them, while you lie mouldering in that small box, six feet under the grass).

Stay on top of the grass! Enjoy it!

ole joyful

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It's been 5 weeks now since my last smoke. I've saved myself $315.00 so far. I smell a new computer!!! :) It will help me shop for my new kitchen!
Go ahead and try. If I can do it, you can.

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A few years ago, the tobacco companies tried to sell an economic analysis that said that smoking actually saved you money. Because you lived fewer of those unproductive, non-earning years at the end of your life, your net cost of living over a lifetime was lower.

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Hi Sharon SD,

How was that, again ...

... I think you lost me on one of those curves, back there.

You pay into a pension program for years ...

... then don't live to enjoy the benefits!

Your colleaues who were non-smokers eat up those dollars that you contributed for all of those years - while you twiddle your thumbs, in that box just a bit larger than you, six feet under.

Seems to me that basket of apples has a few rotten, here and there.

ole joyful

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