Cutting tools - Blade Runner?

phyllis_philodendronMarch 12, 2004

I am surfing on line for cutting tools that will allow me to cut circles and ovals, mostly, with clean cut edges. I've ruled out the Shape Cutter, which I used and thought didn't work well, and the thread about the oval cutter seems like it didn't work either. Has anyone used the Blade Runner and does it work well? I really need to go to the store and look everything over, but want to do some research first. Someone else mentioned Creative Mems. but those sound really expensive. Any ideas?

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I have tried a couple others in the past, and nothing, in my opinion, compares to CM's cutting system. It is expensive, but to me, well worth it. It's SO easy & makes perfect cuts everytime. Try ebay for better a search under Cre@tive Memories cutting system.

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I looked up some of their products...and saw some templates on e-bay. Not sure what all it comes with normally, but these were supposedly "valued at $175" which sounds entirely too expensive. What about the actual cutting tool and no template? How does the system work?

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Phillis: The initial purchase of the CM cutter includes 3 different cutters and a cutting board. You can buy the cutters separately, but the board is a must if you don't have one. Once you buy the cutters you then just buy the templates which are terrific. The cutters have little legs that run in a track of the templates, so there is never and issue of not cutting a perfect pattern. They also have great patterns that they have updated several times over the last 2 years. They really are worth the money.

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The cutting tool would not work without the template. Like StepMom said above, the cutting tool has these little 'legs' that run in the tracks of the template. They have all kinds of templates that cut different shapes too. And there are 3 cutting tools and the blade is all set in a different location of the tool, in relation to where the legs are. Each tool cuts in a different spot, allowing you to get 6 different sizes from the same template (3 on the inside of the template, 3 on the outside). It's a neat system...true, not the cheapest out there, but by far the easiest and I think worth the $$.

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This sounds reasonable. Someone on the other thread mentioned getting something for $38, which I thought sounded okay. I didn't realize so much came with it. I've already placed a call to my local rep so we'll see what she has to offer. Thanks!

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The Blade Runner gets really mixed reviews on some of the heavily traffic-ed scrapping websites. The CM cutting system is awesome and seems to be a favorite of many people (including me). :-)

Once you have the mat and blades, the outlay for new templates like CM's circle set, celestial shape set, wavy lines set, etc isn't too bad. The circles are about $14, I think. The EK Success Circle Scissor in comparison was $15.

Enjoy your new cutting system! Practice on throw-away photos first. Once you get the "feel" of it, it's easy.

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