Page protectors?

barb_from_paMarch 25, 2006

I pulled this out of my "question" thread to see if we would get any more responses. Thanks.

Posted by: barb_from_pa (My Page) on Fri, Mar 24, 06 at 17:09

" Have any of you done any scrapbooking without page protectors?"

Posted by: soggy6_2006 (My Page) on Fri, Mar 24, 06 at 22:37

"This is a tough question for me to answer. I have always been a firm believer in page protectors, and especially side loading. Lately, however, I have been using embellishments and memorabilia that will make it difficult to use pg. protectors. I have not figured out what I'm going to do with these pages. I really like my books to be accessable to whoever wants to look at them, and I get uneasy with little hands touching the unprotected pages.

Not much of an answer I realize. . .I'll be interested to hear what others have to say!


Anyone else???

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Something I might look into is I will check my stamp collecting catalogs. They have clear page protectors for my stamp albums and I am going to measure and check to see if they would also fix the scrapbooks. They are acid free also.

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I use page protectors and have a lot of hidden journalling. There are ways by cutting slits in the page protectors to make my journalling accessable if I want others to read it.

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I almost always use page protectors. They DO protect the photos and journaling from fingerprints and decay over the years. As for lumpy embellishments and journaling tags, I cut a slit in the page protector so you can get to it, if needed. Also, you can get page protectors in large quantities for the best prices at places like Office Max or Staples. Just make sure they are Acid Free!

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I use page protectors too. My kids are still small and love to look at their books. If I didn't use page protectors, their ooks would already be destroyed.

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