how to put screw in formica without drill

confineAugust 12, 2013

hello, i have to put a hanger holding pipe inside my cupboard and its inside is made of formica build nearly 7 yrs ago. pls help me fix this pipe and please dont say drill coz i dont own one and in my country i cant rent one so plz suggest alternate tools
step by step instruction would be nice
- confine

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Use a hammer and nail to create a pilot hole.

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Twisting the sharp tip of a good knife blade can bore through the formica.
A drill bit gripped by a pair of pliars can also be effective, though tedious.

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Long ago there was a manually operated drill called a brace & bit.

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The problem with not using a drill bit is if the formica is attached to particle board. Trying to screw into particle board without a pilot hole will cause it to crumble and you will have a hole that won't keep a screw in place for long.

"Confine," you only need the most basic hand drill and a bit, not even an electric drill; don't you have any friends who have tools?

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