What paper trimmer do you have?

Laura_ALMarch 25, 2002

I have one of the least expensive guillotine-type trimmers I've been frustrated with for a while. I finally figured out that it was trimming out of square. Now I'm looking for a different kind. I've looked at the Fiskars rotary trimmer and their personal trimmer. Are any of you in love with yours? I'd love any suggestions!



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I have a cm trimmer and I would love to get their new one. I also have a coluzzle circle, oval cutter. Jewels

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I have the Fickars one that has the 3 hole punch attached to it- LOVE IT!!!!!

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I have a long guillotine type (Falcon). Bought it when I got my digital camera - before I started scrapbooking but still love it for scrapbooking. The cm is too small for me. With the Falcon I can cup pictures, papers, everything. Got it at a camera store.

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I also have the Fiskars one that has the 3 hole punch attached to it (the personal trimmer) and I also LOVE IT! I have the guillotine type from Cre@tive MemOries and do not like it. I purchased both at the same time and I still have not had to change the blade in my fiskar one but the CM is dull and I really can not use it anymore. Don't wast your money on one.
And I did use them about the same amount, the fiskars a little more often.
P.S. :I have a friend that has the LARGE rotary trimmer from fiskars, I used it a couple of times and I really like it. Especially for large papers. This will most likely be my next big scrapbooking purchase. I had one a few years ago and did not like it but they have since changed the design and I thought it was great.

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