Elna SU 62C

melle_sactoJanuary 19, 2011

Could anyone please tell me if there is a way to adjust the pressure of the presser foot? I'm so tired of my fabric stretching weird b/c I can't adjust the pressure...is there a way?



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The presser foot does not adjust that I know of, nor do the feed dogs drop. There is a small attachment (almost square 3/4 x3/4 inches) that will cover the feed dogs in order to do darning or free-style stitching.

I have sewn on all types of fabrics and not had fabric stretch as you describe. There is a roller foot that might help. Nanny

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Thanks for your reply! :-)

The stretching seems to happen when I'm sewing two different types of fabric to each other. A recent example was flannel and velour; the flannel was closest to the presser foot and seemed to be stretching, not feeding through at the same rate.

I do have a roller foot but I don't recall it making a difference.

Would you recommend a walking foot? I've never tried one b/c of the price. I don't think I have the cover to put over the feed dogs. I don't have a manual either, so I can't always tell what the machine should or shouldn't do.

Can the needle position be adjusted?

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I meant a walking foot. I have used neither, but do have a walking foot. And the problem most likely is that the fabrics are so different, one being stretchy? and the other not?..Sometimes you can put tissue paper between the stretchy fabric and the feed dogs and that might help. Needle is not adjustable

BTW the "feed dogs" (located in the throat plate with "teeth") are what "feed" the fabric beneath the foot and needle....so I don't quite understand the flannel (top fabric?)stretching.
The underneath fabric is what is being fed x # of stitches, and the top fabric just riding along.

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FYI the book for the SU 68 says to use the roller foot but doesn't really get into anything more helpful than that.

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nanny98 -- maybe I'm describing it wrong? When I'm done sewing a seam, the flannel looks puckered and I have extra at the end, like it stretched out while I sewed. Here's an example where I was trying to quilt the fabrics together:

I just sewed over the puckering/excess so it wouldn't be so bad at the end, but it doesn't look good.
To be honest, I borrowed (for as long as I want to use it) a "back-up" Singer 247 and I prefer using it even though it's attached to a small crummy sewing table. The straight and zig-zag stitches are stretchy (no stretch w.the Elna), the needle has three positions and I can adjust the presser foot pressure. It also has a hemming guide.

Hi Budster! From what I could tell, the roller foot (and for some reason I have two of them?!) is for vinyl or slick things? I haven't tried to sew w/those materials!

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Maybe the top fabric isn't stretching, it's just not feeding through at the same rate as the bottom fabric b/c it's different fabric.

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Try putting the flannel on the bottom...velour on top when you stitch. The feed dogs will "ease" the stretch out of the fabric....maybe? Nanny

When sewing, anytime you are sewing fabrics that are subject to being longer or stretching out (as in bias,maybe)....put the longer or bias next to the feed dogs and allow them to "ease" the fabric together. Like sleeves...where the sleeve is being attached to bodice. Gosh...hope this helps.

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So stretchier fabric against the feed dogs? I'll have to try this :-) Thanks for your thoughts.


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Melle - yes it is for slick things but ALSO for sewing together fabrics of different weights..all according to the book anyway. Budster saying Hello back to you.

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Thanks Budster :-) I guess next time I feel like dealing w/the Elna I'll try the roller foot again and I'll try putting the stretchier fabric against the feed dogs.

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What you need is a walking foot, by using this it feeds both top and bottom fabrics at the same time. Quilters use them when sewing the 3 layers of a quilt together. Hope this helps

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