Bernina 1020 sewing machine

grandmapat46January 9, 2008

I lurk here quite a bit and have learned a lot. I have the opportunity to purchase a Bernina 1020 for $400.00 from my local Bernina dealer. Would you be able to tell me if this is a good machine and also a reasonable price?

Thanks, Pat

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Although I am not very familiar with this particular model of Bernina, I have owned Bernina machines for 25 years and am completely satisified. I have no idea if $400 is a reasonable price. Good luck!

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I spent a lot of time online last night researching the machine, there was not a lot on that particular model but what there was was positive. I called and had them hold it for me this morning and will pick it up in a few days. Thanks for your input Ridgestitcher.

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How was the machine - are you happy - did you pay the $400. I have come across the same machine with a ton of extras (hard cover - impt to me no sewing room, the surface extender, walking foot, cut n sew foor, and about 8 other feet that I will probably never use) for $600 and am wondering whether to make an offer. Test drove it, and a new 1008 and really did not notice much of a difference (outside knowing that the used one was nearly 20 years old!!!) I also checked out a Janome 3050 because I was really hoping to get a machine with a lift for the presser foot (to get it more than 1/4 inch off the fabric - you know those triple french pleats and very thick linen are quite difficult to squeeze under a 1/4 presser foot). Am looking for anyone with feedback on any of this. It's very hard for me to really say if I like one over the other as I am quite a creature of habit and have only used 2 machines in my life - the first one being the one my Mom used to sew my baby clothes (40 some odd years ago) and then about 10 years ago my husband bought me a middle of the road kenmore, which I have been using, but lately it has taken the joy out of sewing for me.


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Yes, I did pay the asking price. I bought it from a Bernina dealer and the price was the price, no bargaining. I am very happy with it. Wow, I would have loved all the extras; mine came with 6 feet, bobbins, a quilting guide, needles, screwdriver, oil and a darning attachment. I had to buy the manual, it did not come with the machine. I have previously used White (my Moms), Singer and Bernina machines, the Bernina are the ones I have been happiest with. Good luck with whichever machine you decide on.

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I received an email today from Lorraine requesting information on where to get a manual for a Bernina 1020. I purchased mine from a Bernina dealer, the cost was $40.00; expensive but worth it. The dealer ordered it from Bernina. I looked online and if you search for "Bernia sewing machine manuals" quite a few sites pop up. I hope you see this, I was not able to get an email through to you.


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