Digging a footer for an existing mobile home

obrionusaAugust 5, 2012

I'm thinking of putting in an offer for a mobile home that is on the channel of a lake. The realtor who is my cousin said they will not loan on the place because there is no footer. So Im thinking of cashing in my stock, buying it and doing some repairs. My question is when I go to pour a footer how deep would I need to be in Northern Indiana for a footer? Could I dig a 12" hole and make concrete pillars? This would be the easiest because I dont think I would have to pull the place off the lot to dig an actual footer. The moble Home will have to stay because if I put up another one the new codes come into effect which would prevent several options.

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The only things that need to be under a mobile home are two long concrete slabs---is that what you are calling a footer?

The slabs here in Kansas are 4" thick, built like a driveway would be built(ok, two very narrow parallel driveways).

There may be totally different regulations in Indiana. Ask the city/county codes office for the necessary info.

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Sophie Wheeler

Cashing in any stock to throw good money after bad on a "home" that depreciates as soon as it rolls off the lot is just about the worst idea ever. No bank will lend on an older mobile home regardless if it has footings or not, despite the "information" provided by the self interested relative that's trying to snooker you here.

The entire value of that property is in the land only. If you can afford to buy it cash outright and live in it while you construct a conventional home on it, that's the only way it would ever make sense to purchase. If you cannot afford to do that under any new environmental regulations that exist to protect the lake, then pass this "opportunity" by.

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