Vent Help-URGENT!

autiemomAugust 3, 2012

I'm not sure if this is the right spot to post this. I have a three year old with autism who is constantly pulling up our floor heating vents and standing in them. Is there a way to either screw them into the floor? Or a home improvement I can make to discrouage this. Because she is autistic, it will take a very long time to discipline her out of this behavior, and she has already disconnected one of the tubes that brings the ac and heat up. I of course am also worried about her hurting herself. Any suggestions would be great!


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The vents should have a lip that extends past the opening and over the floor. I say drill some small holes through the sheet metal edges of the grate and then use some wood screws to fasten the grate to the floor. Shouldn't take much to prevent her from pulling them out.

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Yes, you can drill them and screw them into the floor, as sdello suggested - they do that all the time to secure them to the ceiling.

OP, were you able to reconnect the one that came apart? You're right, not only is it hazardous to your house, it's hazardous to your child. That stuff is sharp, for one.

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