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JillofallNovember 2, 2007

I know there are services where you can have your bank send money to pay your bills each month. I do have that set up for my car payment. My mortgage and utilities directly bill my checking account, which is going at it from the other side. Most of my other bills are automatically charged to my credit card, and I go online to the credit card web page to have them draw money from my bank account.

I've never had anyone try to charge me for letting them draw money from my checking account, or to charge my credit card.

Yes, it requires that you keep an eye on things, but I have all of my credit card, mortgage, and bank accounts online so I can check them easily.

I must save 10 stamps a month which is $4.90, plus the trouble to get them in envelopes, to the mailbox, and hoping they arrive on time.

Are there any other tricks you use to keep your ever-increasing pile of billing in line?


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I still like to see the paper bills. I want to be able to review them and see how many kilowatt hours of electricity I used,how much I spent at Macy's, etc. I then use my free on-line bank account to make the payments. My bank will arrange payments up to 60 days in the future, or a set amount each month if you prefer. For example, I locked in a contract with my heating oil company to deliver home heating oil for $2.49 a gallon until May 2008. Then I go back to regular billing. I save 41 cents postage with each payment. The only bills I still pay with paper checks are my medical bills. Unfortunately, both huuby and I have chronic illnesses , so we have a lot of medical bills. I want those cancelled checks as a permanent record for tax return purposes.

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Where do you live that it is still possible to get cancelled checks?

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I just saw that my bank will show the cashed check with the statement. You can then print it out. I like that feature. I don't like my cancelled checks floating around in the mail. Too easy for fraudulent activities and totally unnecessary.

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Since I'm a senior, my bank will pay a modest amount of such bills directly from my account, with no monthly fee. But I need to bring the bill in, but they don't tear off the return portion.

So I don't have to write a cheque, buy an envelope (though several enclose one) or pay postage.

The penalty for having cheques returned is high - but not o much so, if it's an alternative to having an account with those monthly maintenance fees, for those costs add up, after a few months only.

But most seniors can get that kind of services without a fee at many financial institutions.

ole joyful

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