Adhesives, what is best?

sapphiresMarch 10, 2004


New to scrapbooking. What is the best adhesives to use for pictures, paper, card stock and for using with vellum? Same question for corner mounts that holds pics. I think I can creatively do the page design, but unsure what adhesives to use. Must everything be acid free or just the things around the pictures? Oh also what is the best fine tip pen to use? Do the craft stores also sell the sheet protectors for the 12 x 12 size. Not sure yet what size book this person wants me to do for them.


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I like to use CM (Cre@tive Memories) adhesives, however, I find that I often use an acid free glue stick. It goes alot further than an adhesive roll and is much less expensive. But buy the good kind or they wont stick. I use the adhesive when pasting pics, and the glue stick when pasting papers together. You should get acid free stuff for everything, it protects the pics.

Yes, the stores sell 12x12 sheet protectors. As far as pens, I'm sorry I can't help you with that. I dont use any pens on my pages.

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You say you don't use pens, what do you use to journal with? How do you use fonts on the pages? I know they should be printed on acid free paper, right? And then what? All your time and help is greatly appreciated.

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Well, I don't do alot of journaling on my pages actually. I wish I would have from the beginning and I'm starting to get into it more. When I do do journaling, I use my computer and print out what I want to say. I have a thing for neatness on my pages and don't want handwriting on my pages. My SIL used to use pens to journal and her pages looked great, but it's not my style. Everyone is different, and I think pens add a nice personal touch to a page and it would probably save you some time using pens, as opposed to printing everything; especially if you need to get the album completed in a limited timeframe.

Yes, you should use Acid Free paper. It protects your picturess.

I generally find a background paper, then figure out what pics I want on the page, then I figure out what embellisments I want (stickers, die cuts, etc), then I just lay them all out. Once I get them where I want them, I tack them down. If I have a little spot that needs something, I print out some journaling.

If you email me, I can send you a few pics of some of my pages and maybe you can get some ideas. I'm more than happy to help.

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I like the CM adhesives also, esp their tape-runner and photo tape. The photo tape is good for large pieces that need a lot of adhesive. I've heard wonderful things about Hermafix adhesives. They make one w/ a gentle hold that is actually removable if you make a mistake. They also have a stronger hold permanent adhesive.

Most craft stores sell the 12x12 protectors, but make sure they are compatible w/ your album (i.e. post vs strap hinge, and top vs side loading).

For journalling, I've had good results w/ the Pigma Micron 0.3mm fine tip marker (acid free). Creative Memories also makes a nice journalling marker set which are a bit thicker. I would think any craft store w/ a scrapbooking section will have a nice selection of acid free pens.

I haven't had any luck w/ the gel style pens. They seem to clog really easily.

Good luck!

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Oops, I forgot about the vellum tape. 3M makes an easy-to-use vellum tape. Just make sure not to use your best scissors to cut the tape since it gums up the scissor blades. Some scrappers use spray adhesives whicha re invisible but messy.

The 3M vellum tape is barely noticable under vellum especially after several days. But, I do try to put the tape under writing or embellishment to better hide it.

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