Looking to repair & seal my asphalt driveway

big_al_41August 15, 2008

Looking to repair & seal my asphalt driveway, I have two areas that because of oil dropping have soften the asphalt, is there a product that I can use to spread over the area that will allow me to then do a seal job on it ???? I also have some cracks here and there, those I can take care of.

Don't have the funds right now to re do the whole drive.


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I would use a pick to dig down about 2" in the bad areas to remove the softened asphalt and replace it with asphalt patch that comes in bags. Pound it with a 6"x6" tamp to get it smooth and solidly packed.

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You can buy asphalt for patching at Home Depot or Lowes so you don't have to buy a large quantity. I used it to patch several holes in my driveway. I agree with Randy427 as to how to do it. I added one other thing; I used a blow torch to melt the patch in so it was smooth with the existing asphalt. Otherwise it will look like a patch. You probably could just let it melt a little in the summer sun and blend it in. It really wasn't hard to do.

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