'pilling' problem with sweats ...

vieja_gwJanuary 29, 2009

This is probably not the proper site for my question but I couldn't really find one ....!

I love to wear 'sweats' around the house in winter as they are so warm & comfortable but:

no matter what brand I buy the fabric soon begins o 'pill' & look bad. Does anyone know of a brand where this doesn't happen or have a solution for this problem? I use one of those battery operated gadgets that helps clip the 'pills' but wonder if there is a brand/fabric that wouldn't pill? I have worn ones with different fabric contents but all seem the same after a few washings/dryings.

Would appeciate any ideas!

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Try turning them inside out before washing on a premenant press and dry the same way.

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Where I am finding this is on high or all polyester content. I watch content close & ask anyone providing their own sweats that I embelish to avoid polyester.

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Thanks bonnie-w & joansews4u! My most recent purchase I notice had cotton 50%, polyester 50% & it already shows some 'pilling'. Because of this I don't really get the most expensive ones which seem to be much heavier but don't know the content ... instead I get the lighter weight cheaper ones since neither seem to keep their appearance long.

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We have a store that sells seconds or overstocks where I can get quality without spending much. I always check them out first.

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