swamp_thingMarch 11, 2006

Are their any good websites for buying stickers at low prices? I just love them but cannot always find the ones I want? Thank you all!

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Sticker Plannet has some nice ones along with Paper Wishes.
I have ordered from both and some I like better than others . You can also make your own using Xryon Machines, that you can get on line from JoAnns and other sites or from Michels using coupons but watch buying some items at WalMart. You can to to also.

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Thank you so much I have a hard time going to places so haviing magazines send to me is a lot easier but will check into the Xryon?How do they work?Don't you have to have a item first before it makes it or are there cutouts or something you get with the machine/bye for now Rita

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I dont have Xryon so I buy Clear Adhesive Vellum and in MS Word fill the page with sayings and/or gifs and then print on the vellum, cut around the objects and use as stickers in my scrapbooks.


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Here's another spot with all shipping $1.99.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stickers Galore

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sue102 is a good place for stickers. You can order online or order a free catalog.

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