Chimney flashing: cut in?

behaviorkeltonAugust 22, 2006

More on my roof estimates...

My current chimney flashing is just up against my chimney without the top edge being folded into a cut in the mortar.

In home improvment books, it always shows the flashing work being done by cutting a thin groove in the side of the chimney and tucking the top edge of flashing into that groove.

My estimator said that they will install all new flashing, but when I asked him if they tuck it into the brick work, he said that they do that only if there is an existing groove for that.

There isn't one on my chimney, but it sure seems like a good idea, right? Is there a solid way to flash the chimney without that technique?

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My chimney sweep cut in the flashing when he repaired my chimney. How long has it been since your chimney was inspected? Now is a good time get a sweep out to look at chimney's they will be getting busy soon.

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There are actually two pieces involved. the "flashing" is what goes under the roofing and turns up onto the face of the chimney. The "counter flashing is usually installed in a "reglet" or cut in a morter joint and then folded down over the the open top egde of the flashing. The counter flashing is often a lead flashing that isn't included, unless specifically requested or stated, in a re-roofing job. I don't understand your roofers reluctance to cut in for the counterflashing, but around here (New England near Boston) installation of a new lead counterflashing adds ~$400 to the roofing job.

Hope this helps.

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I had my 3rd estimate, and this guy actually talks like you folks. He described all of the details of his work and, along the way, described the drip edge and his manner of doing the flashing on the chimney...and all of it was in line with what I have come to understand he *should* do from this forum and my reading.

He doesn't have a big yellow pages ad (actually, I think he goes by word of mouth only), doesn't employ nearly as many people, and actually does the work *with* his employees... and, he was $1000 cheaper than the big guys.

He came on a recommendation from a co-worker...he installed a slate roof for them.

If he does good work and does what he says, I will list him on Angie's list. (Angie's is finally here in Knoxville)


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All the flashing I have had done, and the only way I would accept, is having the brick groved. Worth doing it right the first time!


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related question:

I have a leak around my chimney flashing. Can this be fixed by either a chimney sweep/repair man or a roofing person? I called a roofing guy, who never showed up, of course. We have a chimney repair man we have used and I didn't know if they do this also.

Sorry, just curious. I don't mean to hijack your thread.


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Your leak could be anything from the roofing to the flashing to cracks in the chimney, to the chimney capping, etc.

You may want to start with a reputable roofer and depending on what he finds, and the material of your chimney, move on to a mason or GC.

Chimney leaks can sometimes be hard to isolate when it is not something obvious, as where it is leaking from can be far different from where it is entering.


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