musty odour from crawlspace

andre_zAugust 18, 2009

There is a strong musty odour emanating from the crawl space of our house, especially on humid days. The crawl space is about 3 feet high with a concrete floor. Ventilation is probably insufficient because the house is surrounded on two sides with a concrete verandah which makes cross ventillation impossible.

The area is relatively clean. I did notice black sooty spots on the white electrical wires... (Is there a way to include photos on this forum?)

A heating contractor suggested spraying with a weak solution of bleach with a garden sprayer. Are there better short and long term solutions ?

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The side that isn't blocked should be used to ventilate the space. Open two areas,as far apart as possible and install an exhaust fan set up to a humidistat. The other opening will be the intake as well as an additional vent into the living space.
In the winter, close off the openings.

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Ron's solution would be the best. A short term solution might be getting a dehumidifier, as the dampness is causing the "sooty spot" & the reason to have the humidistat in the fan circuit.

Use of bleach is a one-shot deal, very short term.

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