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cjangelJanuary 4, 2009

Hi. Looking for fabric bargains in northeastern PA. Making burial gowns, blankets, hats and booties for preemies in area hospitals. Need ruffled and flat lace, ribbon, satin, flannel - all items in white. Sources of bargains or donations if you are closet cleaning are greatly appreciated. Am working with more than a dozen hospitals and the need is great. Thanks. Colleen Angel 521 Robins Way Mountain Top, PA 18707

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cjangel, I go to the goodwill store and sometimes I find garments that I can take apart and use like the lace and ruffels etc.. the cost is very little.. you do have to wash them but what you can find for less money is really a find and a bargin.. otherwise you may try Wal-mart or Hancock fabrics and tell them you are doing charity sewing and they may give you a discount.. doesn't hurt to ask.. all they can say is NO.. and Heck I have heard no before.. haven't you? Good luck, I wish i had something to send you, I also make the burial gowns .. but I crochet them..and I make the premie hats and blankets for the hospitals...

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Special Thank you to Verna from Temple, PA

The box of lace and fabric you sent me was great. Thanks so much. As soon as I came home from work and opened the box, I went down and cut out an outfit and sewed it right up with your fabric and lace. I will write you and send you a picture as well. The lace and fabric will be put to good use. This was to be my retirement project, but the need is so great - it can't wait! Thank you again

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You could try posting an ad in your local newspaper or Craigslist for unwanted wedding dresses. There would be a lot of fabric and possibly some lace. There are a lot of women who don't want theirs anymore. Several might donate if they knew it were going to a good cause.

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CJANGEL, I will check my stash and see what I have that maybe you could use. I would try Craigslist as Adellabedella stated. I know some of the ladies would be happy to give up their wedding dresses if they knew it was going for a good cause. In the mean time I will check my stash and I have your address and e-mail and will let you know .. Thanks for doing such a wonderful thing for those little babies... I know I have made several demise blankets for our local hospitals and there is always a need for items for preems and for the sweet little ones who do not make it.. you are a very kind person to give up your time to do such heartstring pulling work.. Thanks again

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Hi fellow sewers. Thanks for all the suggestions. I did try Craigslist, but maybe I have to post again. Did not hear any responses. Our area is struggling. Heard 800 people applied for a few grocery store openings! Not sure if that has anything to do with donations. Thank you for your words of support. Maybe I'll have to try the salvation army. This was to be my retirement project, but it can't wait! Did find a few yards at the JoAnn Fabrics with their 50% off remnants, so I'm not totally out, but close! Been making about 100 gowns or more a month in free time, so you know that takes a bit of fabric and lace! So, back to pushing up the sleeves and creating a few more! :)

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Do you have Freecycle in your area? I think they would be more responsive than CL'ers.

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