Painting over window glass

russelldriverAugust 8, 2013

Hi all - I have moved into a new flat and tried fixing my bedroom window with putty and it all went wrong and now i have hard putty all over the glass and pain and i even cracked the glass trying to get it off, so the window(sash slide up) just looks horrible right now. I dont have the finances to replace the sash window just yet but I was thinking what if i painted a white paint over the entire internal section of the window even over the glass, to make a featrure type window and then put up photographs and arty stuff to hide the crack and bad attempt at repairs? Do you think this would look horrible or am I on to something here?

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I'd suggest, remove the sash. Remove the putty and broken glass, buy a new piece of glass and try again.

If you paint the whole thing it will look like painted glass. The aesthetics of the end result are up to you. If you like it...leave it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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If the putty is hard - you can use an old iron (cover the sole plate with aluminum foil ) to soften the putty.

Or remove the sash - and take it to a hardware store - they can reglaze it for you.

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Fori is not pleased

Instead of paint, perhaps window film would work for you. It doesn't look bad. Google "privacy window film". It would look better on the exterior than paint and still let some light through. And come OFF when you're ready to fix it.

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