Bobbin problems with a new-to-me Elna

banana10January 3, 2010


I am the proud new owner of an 1974 Elna SU! I haven't used a sewing machine in over 15 years but I really think its the machine and not me that is the problem. The top thread will not pick-up the bottom thread. I have adjusted, oiled, thread and re-thread changed the needles, read and re-read the manual, spun and respun the bobbin thread. Can someone please tell me if the machinery around the bobbin should be moving at all when I turn the fly wheel toward me in an attemp to pick up the bottom thread? There nothing spinning or moving the bobbin thread at all. The machine sounds great and has obviously been cared for over the years.

Please help!

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Without knowing your machine I would give a qualified guess that yes the bobbin case should move. There may be a broken part in the case. I think this is something that you have to take it to a repair shop for. The good news is that it shouldn't cost much to repair

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That Elna is quite possibly the greatest "old" machine. The bobbin mechanism should move around the bobbin. I would take it to an Elna dealer and have an estimate on the cost of repairing it. Some parts are quite pricy to replace...I don't think that part is. Good Luck....and I hope you have many years of sewing with it. Nanny

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A second thought. Have you removed the bobbin holder/case and tried, by turning the flywheel, to see if the mechanism will move..turn. If there IS one fault with this machine, it is that it easily gets threads jammed into the race of the machanism. Check closley for any tiny thread...turn slowly, use tweezers if you find any. Hope this is the problem. Nanny

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Another thought - have you disengaged the bobbin winder clutch completely?

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I have a similar machine, not exactly sure of the year. I agree about threads easily getting caught in the mechanism. I don't know what the parts are called, but take off both covers (the cover over the bobbin and the cover over the other portion), blow all the dust out (if there is any), and pull out any threads you might see w/a pair of tweezers. Jammed threads can make everything seem frozen.

If that doesn't help, definitely have the machine serviced!

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My first thought is that maybe you're putting the bobbin in backwards. I bought an Elna a few years ago and the thing that seemed strangest to me is that the bobbin had to go into the case unwinding from the right, all my other machines, Viking, Kenmore and Singer the bobbin went in the other way. Just a thought.

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Bananna 10 - are you still around? I have the same machine. Is your problem fixed?

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