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musicteacherAugust 29, 2013

My tub has a drain plug that lifts about 1/2 inch to drain but does not come all the way out. It is clogged now and I can't get in there to clean it out. Any ideas?

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If you push it down to engage it, it unscrews.

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If you cover the overflow with a wet cloth while plunging the drain,that may do the trick without removing the stopper. The proper way to use a plunger is. Push down slowly then pull up smarty to begain. Progressivly increase the speed of down and up.

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This is a different version of what Klem1 posted, but basically the same principle.

Make sure the trap is full, cover the overflow with a _wet_ cloth, use a wet/dry vac to vacuum the trap. Refill trap with water, vacuum again. You must cover the overflow with a _wet_ cloth, and make sure you refill the trap each time b/4 vacuuming.

Some plumber told me that one many years ago, it works.

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Go to a Home Depot(other home improvement stores may have a similar product) and get the item linked.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hair snare

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If it's the types that looks like a big spring-loaded button with a rubber seal around it, it does unscrew as mentioned above. The problem I always have is that the metal X bar that it screws into the center of, is a hair trap x 4. You have to unscrew the thing and remove it, then get long nose pliers or a hemostat to pull out the hair that's draped over the X. You will be shocked and disgusted at how much is hanging down into the drain.

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Fori is not pleased

That thing Handymac linked is awesome for hair (we have a lot of long hair in the household). You might still have to take the thingie off for best declogging.

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