Viking 400/500 info needed

puzzlefanJanuary 5, 2013

I have a nice basic Viking 400 which get very intermittent use and probably has fewer hours on it than most sewers put on theirs. About 18 years old and now the electric control for the food pedal needs replacing but it would cost pretty much close to my original cost of the machine. If anyone has their warranty info handy, could you let me know if electrical parts were covered and for how long?

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I have never heard of an 18 year old machine by any maker having anything under warrantee. Usually about 3 years on everything is all you get. It is not like a car where things are separated and certain things are warranteed longer. You may be able to get a new foot pedal on line cheaper or maybe just the cord needs to be replaced which would be a lot cheaper. They are sold separately.

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some items are 20 yrs and some are only 5 yrs.

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I have machines with 20 & 25 yr warranties, but I don't believe the warranties would cover the foot pedal. Your best bet is a Google search, ebay, or maybe . I've had some luck at this site. I'm sure there are others.

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