Fixed my loose window

oldfixerAugust 16, 2014

Finally found what I had been looking for. I remember the product, and could visualize it, but didn't know what it was called. Oddly, it popped up under "Window Springs". It's not a spring as you would think, but rather a spring tension metal. My old castle has several double hung wooden windows that are loose, and rattle in the frame. This item simply is attached in the channel between the window pane frame and the wall frame. The spring tension tightens it up nicely, No rattles, and if the window is loose enough to fall down, it helps keep them up. Having a description, and maker, helped the search. They were spotted on ebay, for $12. (nein). Saw Home Depot had them in stock, for $3.xx. Obvious choice. This little doo-dad may be a simple solution to your window problem. We old house fixers need something easy now and then.

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They are also available from ACE and TRUE VALUE, have been recommended in these forums for years.

They have been available for over 35yrs. that I know of.

The use of the product, while it being a quick-fix, also has the obvious shortcomings of not having the durability of a sash balance.

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Thanks for showing that, OldFixer. I have windows that rattle in big winds (older home)-eventually hope to get to window upgrades.

So I watched a youtube showing one similar to this. Your photo shows I think just one piece of metal with two nail holes, where as the other showed a little divergence into two metals just in the middle with air in between that the window presses down as you rise it.

Regardless, glad to know I can short term fix some rattling windows. I also watched youtube on "sash balance"-that's a little more than I'm up to right now.

Thanks very much.

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