"Oh, it's just white!"

sundance510July 3, 2014

Some of our baseboards were water damaged from a leak and we also have shoe molding to paint from when they installed the floors. And now that we took down a big light fixture in the kitchen, we need to patch and paint part of the ceiling. So.... I contacted the company that built our house to see if they could pull the paint colors for me. We reallllllyyy don't want to repaint everything (because we're lazy). I got a reply that they *think* our ceilings are flat SW Shell White. I will be getting a sample to test in a discrete area.
Then he says that the trim is, "just some white semi-gloss." Dagger to the heart! Is there any way, short of prying off my baseboard, to match it? I'm going to try to contact the contracted company that painted to see if they keep records.
If we do repaint all the trim, which white would you recommend? Would you go whiter than what's there? The fireplace in the pic below is the same color as the baseboards and trim throughout the house. Wall colors are BM China White, Sail Cloth, Gray Owl (50%) and Behr Mt Rainier Gray. Thanks!

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Repainting all the trim seems drastic. Can't you find a small section of baseboard to pull and take it to your favorite paint store and get them to match it?

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If the painter was using Sherwin Williams, the paint store probably offers a premixed white for interior trim that can be purchased off the shelf.

Many paint companies do this to make things easier for the consumer. Find out what is premixed at SW for interior semi gloss trim paint, probably 'Bright White' and or 'White', and get the paper color chips at the shop, bring them home to find out which color you have on your trim.

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Good idea bev. I will look into that. Linelle, I will try to pry one off in a closet. For some reason, I'm scared to go prying off baseboards. They look pretty stuck on there! So you don't think we need more contrast with our trim? DH thinks we do, but I don't think he understands how big of a job that is. And if we go whiter, we would have to repaint doors too!

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Use a razor blade to score between the wall and the base molding before you try to remove it so that you don't pull the wall paint off.

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Or you can go to SW and purchase a fandeck. Last time I bought one, it cost $6.00... and then you can, at least, get a fairly close eyeball match,

Or they might have a sample card showing all the currently available whites.

You might have to repaint that whole section of your trim, but you won't have to paint ALL your trim.

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Rather than pulling off a baseboard, why not just buy a quart of off the shelf Sherwin williams "White" semi-gloss and give it a try on a length of baseboard? Chances are good that's what they used, and then you can judge if it's an exact match, close enough, or not.

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