New House construction can equal some good free wood

budsterNovember 12, 2005

I live in a relatively new subdivision with homes going up all around us.....DH went and asked a builder for a piece of wood he needed for some woodworking job and was told to help himself from the scrap fact, take all you want and DH was shown a pile of some very salvagable wood. He not only got his piece but some very fine wood for other of which is in the midst of construction as I additional workbench for the basement. We have also spoken to the owner who is building across the street who was stacking all sorts of bits to one side of his property. He told us as he is installing a wood burning stove he was stock piling his burn pile. Our builder told us that anything we remove from a free pile is less he has to pay to if you are looking for wood scrap...perhaps ask a builder near you. I realize this maynot work for everyone but it might be worth the time and trouble to ask.

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He told us as he is installing a wood burning stove he was stock piling his burn pile.

I thought you weren't supposed to burn pine because the sap in it could cause problems?

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All I know is what he told us....he is piling up the scrap to use in his woodstove. It's his stove and as it isn't his first one he should know what is burnable or not. We aren't burning any - but it makes great shelves and things and the price is right.

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