Kitchen - new build appliance package - feedback?

Davis_HelenMay 26, 2013

We are about to break ground on a new house - this is the first time we have built a home - and will be the house we raise our 2 younger (8 & 10 yo) kids and ultimately retire in over the next 7 - 8 years. We just sold our 1935 Tudor in our old neighborhood in anticipation of building our new home two lots down the street - we love the area and street just wanted the construction and layout and square footage a new house will afford us. So we bought a neighbor house and torn it down. The house will be around 5500 Sq with an open layout on the main floor - kitchen open to great room and dining area. We are not adamant chefs - just a family of 4 that needs the space - and do want a nice kitchen with a large eat around island for family time with our young sons.

I am not all about 'labels' or 'brands' - just looking for appliances that will both look nice and perform well for years to come - would rather spend the $$ for reliance vs a trophy appliance. Just trying to avoid repairs and needing to replace appliances in the first 10+ years if possible.

Would like to get some unfiltered feedback - our main cooking will be just with a range - we don't cook enough nor does the kitchen layout lend itself to wall ovens etc.

So here goes - in the kitchen
American Medallion Series 36 inch DF
Leibheer 36 inch freestanding fridge
Leibheer RU500 uncounter fridge for the island
Sharp Microwave drawer for same island
Bosch SHE3AR7 Dishwasher
Vent-a-hood chimney style ventilation

Game room - entertainment area/wet bar for the kids
Same Bosch dishwasher
GE undercounter beverage center - GVS04BDWSS
Simply upper cabinet mount microwave - just for popcorn and the like

Laundry- LG Front Load washer and dryer - DLEX3470V
WM3470HVA - got very high marks from consumer reports, which I know is not the end all be all authority necessarily.

Putting together a full package with AJMadison that is saving us a bunch of $$ from local retailers - we are right at $20K for the whole batch all in - shipping and no tax

Any thoughts or anything that jumps out that we should either not consider or substitute?

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Have you had front load washer & dryer before? I personally hated the front load washer and I'm now back to a top loader that I LOVE!

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We loved our front loader LG washer and drier in our previous home. I ended up with GE profile set for this one, because I got a deal too good to pass up. That said, the control board on the GE washer went out after ony 10 months and thankfully was still under warranty.

I ordered a Bosch 500 series dishwasher from AJ Madison yesterday. I thought long and hard about upgrading to Miele or the Bosch 800 plus series, but there were so many good reviews for the 500 series and it seemed a much better value. I looked at the Ascenta line and was willing to spend a little more to get a full stainless steel tub and a third rack. You may not want to go with Bosch's entry level line as I have read that they are not as well made, but who knows!

Good luck on the build.

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Thanks for the feedback - as for the Front End loaders - no we have not had them before - but my wife does about 80% of the laundry and is on the shorter side at 5'2 - and we were thinking with the front end loaders on the pedestals they would be easier on her back than top loaders

As for the Bosch dishwashers - off to read a little more about the 500 series.....

Thanks again for helping evolve our thinking!

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We are planning on a microwave drawer too and have read here that many folks have gotten refurbished ones with success off of e-bay. About 1/2 price. Do you use your microwave a lot? I am just wondering why you would want two? The drawer makes it nice and hidden but looks like you are going to have one in an upper cabinet anyway?

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We've had a top load LG Wave Force W/D for about 15 mos and I'm very happy with them. We debated on front loaders, but on this forum it seemed to run 50/50....half loved, half hated them, while not many haters for the traditional top loaders. We could not do pedestals because they sit in front of a window and I thought it would be too much crouching; however, I am also 5'2" and the tub is very deep. I keep a pair of tongs handy to scoop out smaller items from the bottom like socks.

We also have a Bosch DW and have been happy with that as well. We almost went for the Miele but Bosch got good reviews so couldn't justify spending nearly double.

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Sophie Wheeler

You don't mention the model or the CFM of the hood, only the brand. With a pro level range, you will need a really good ventilation package. Also, what about the make up air for the hood? Is that in your HVAC package or is it in the appliance package?

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