Xmas stockings

mcpegNovember 1, 2007

Stocked up today on my medications - all $600 worth!!! (we have a benefit plan - otherwise I'd still be passed out on the floor).

Told DH not to buy me anything for xmas - if we put all the bottles in my stocking with an apple and orange he would be giving me the best gift ever -

health and happiness(prozac).

Shopping for me - done!

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Do you take advantage of the giftcards that many store offer with a new or transfered perscription? K-mart had one last week for a $10 giftcard. Not much, but every little bit helps.

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In Canada I use Shopper's Drugmart. I am on the bus. We have a medical insurance plan that covers 80% of the cost (ex-military).
I agree that every little bit helps. I miss K-mart. Long gone here. We have Zellers now (exact same as Target now - same brands, clothes, owner).
I am not fussed on xmas gifts so much as the fun of decorating and baking.

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One bottle of my Wellbutrin is $438 !!! That's more than any Christmas gift for me costs !

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I have convinced all my doctors to write me prescriptions for 90 day supplies of all my medications. It's totally legal, and my prescription co-pay is $40 once, not three times per medication. Just a way to maximize savings. Mine, not my insurance company.

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I maximized this lot because our insurance deductible is reset each Jan 1st. I get more return if I do this now than wait to the last week of pills sometime in Jan. Normally though, I don't take such a hit with renewals. And I will be asking the pharmacy for costs regarding generic prozac (very high ticket item).

Still think it's suitable to put in my stocking because it really is my health and happiness...which really is, afterall,

the best gift of all.

Ho ho ho!

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Do you know generics are available for approximately half of all prescription medications. My insurance company makes me pay $5 for generics, $40 for specific meds. Ask all your doctors to prescribe generics, don't routinely check the box "DAW", dispense as written.

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I live in Canada - there are differences in our drug costs/plants etc. They are looking into the generics not being as cheap as they should be in Canada right now...

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