Christmas 2007....Shopping, any bargains out there?

prairiemoon2 z6 MANovember 24, 2007


Just starting to do some Christmas shopping. Is anyone else shopping either in the retail stores or online and finding any good deals? Aside from checking the Sunday ads, do you have any strategies for finding sales? Is there a fast way to find online sales without googling every store you think of?

Must be some smart shoppers out there that will share their tips.. [g]

Thank you very much..


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I didnt do alot of shopping on Black Friday. But i think i did OK at some stores. My stategy was to save some coupons that i had. For Toys R Us i had a $5 off coupon for any purchase of $25 or more. I also had a $3 giftcard that they send for you childs birthday. I dont normally shop there so i still had that coupon from my son's birthday. I saved an extra $8 on toys that were also on sale. Also, Lowe's sent me a $10 giftcard. We used that towards the purchase of our Christmas tree. That was a great deal! Our tree usually cost us $30-$40. This year it was only $20.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

ninos..that was a good idea having coupons that you could apply to already discounted purchases. I will have to keep that in mind next year. Lowe's sells Christmas Trees now? I didn't realize that. Can I ask, was Lowe's sending out $10 giftcards for some reason?

We didn't go out on Friday until about suppertime and avoided the crowds. There was hardly anyone in the stores or at the registers when we were there. This year, we really weren't looking for any electronics or big ticket items so we didn't feel compelled to get out there and wait in line for anything.

We also went out today. Walgreens had advertised a number of the basic items you always need around the holiday...scotch tape, wrapping paper, etc. but they were already out of about 80% of what we went into the store for. Luckily the one thing I really wanted, gift bags and wrapping paper, they had plenty of. They had a lot and a good selection. The largest gift bag in cute designs were B1G1 free, which worked out to two bags for $3. Wrapping paper for a 50sqft roll was B1G2 free so..2 rolls for $1.99. So now I am stocked up early. I would wager they still have plenty left. They were already out of scotch tape though.

Does anyone know of a Monday promotion for online purchases?


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I think the Lowe's card was sent out because a new store opened(within my state). I recieved that card about 2 weeks ago. The card was labeled a "project Starter." However in the fine print it doesnt limit what you use the card for.
Last year Walgreens had some great items on sale. Not gift items but rather things that you need around the house. This year they didnt have anything that i needed.
I did buy something just for me. Im not a big purse carrier. I prefer a backpack sytle purse especially when i have the kids. Carson's had a great sale and the backpack i wanted was on sale too. In the ads they had an additional 20% off coupon. It was a Nine West backpack which was originally $50. I bought it for $30. $30 is more then i usually spend but this backpack was everything that i want....stylish and durable.
I watched the news last night to see how crazy the people had become over Black Friday. The Premiun Outlets have a Midnight madness sale. Last year they gave out 500 goodie bags. In one goodie bag was a $500 giftcard. I planned on going last year but when i turned on the T.V. i saw that traffic was backed up for 3 miles to get into the outlets at 9pm. I really love Black Friday but this is getting crazy. You have to start asking yourself "is it worth it"?

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Being on a small fixed retirement income, my kick this year is shopping Craigslist -- at least I know the money goes locally and I'm not going to poison anyone. I found a fantastic coffee table for my son for... brace yourself... $8. The top was beat up. I sanded it, stained it, and put several coats of Formby's Tung Oil on it and it is gorgeous!

I saved so much money I'm going to look around and see what else I can get him. :-)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

ninos...I wondered why people line up 3 miles to get into that Midnight Madness sale. I didn't realize they pull them in with a $500. gift card hidden in a goodie No wonder. I would love to do Black Friday but I never do. My husband is not a fan of shopping period and he hates traffic more than most people. He hates waiting more than most people. None of my kids enjoy it either, so any interest I have in shopping on that day is very quickly squelched. [g]

Actually, I haven't suffered for not going to Black Friday sales. Last year, I was looking for a camera and had my eye on a specific one and about mid December, Staples had the lowest price I had seen or expected to see and they bundled it with a printer. It was a Canon camera and rated highly. I notice this year, they were offering the same camera yesterday for what I bought it for last year without a printer. So that was a pretty great price for a camera that was just on the market last year.

ninos...I also am not a pocketbook fan any more. I used to be for many years, but when my kids were small I got in the habit of using a fanny pack. I found one I really liked that was small, slim and black and looked pretty good. That was about 12 years ago and I still use the same fanny pack. lol Believe it or not, it still looks really good. No wear spots or tears or stains. I am a homebody so I am sure it gets less use than most handbags. [g]

oceanna...that is one gorgeous table AND what a great job you did in bringing it back to life! Craig's List...I am going to have to keep my eye on that more often. Which categories do you look in the most? That is a great reminder and you are right of course, recycling is healthier for all of us and the planet too.

I was horrified recently to discover when shopping for a new mattress that the government actually requires all manufacturers to use fire retardant on them. What is wrong with them? So you are breathing that all night every night, just 'in case' your house catches fire some day. When, if the fire gets to your bed, you probably would be dead from smoke inhalation anyway. So we have postponed buying a new mattress.

This year, I have been thinking of becoming less of a 'consumer'. I think I already have been pretty reasonable over the years but there is always room for improvement. I have never been one to put lights up on the house at Christmas, but more because we just don't have the time or energy to do it. Now, with global warming and energy costs what they are, I just can't understand why I continue to see people escalating their outdoor holiday decorating. I went into Lowe's over the weekend, which apparently I rarely do over the holiday season, because it was the first time I saw where people are getting all these huge light displays. Unbelieveable. I LOVED when I was a kid and our parents would take us to see 'the lights' at Christmas, but I think times are different now.

Anyway..that is the subject for another thread, [g] it would be nice to keep this thread going over the holiday season and we would have it for next year too, to compare.

Thanks for contributing... :-)

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