sprinkler valve problem

Marco_310August 1, 2012


My lawn sprinkler station valves could no longer be turned on mechanically by manually flipping the lever (on the outside of the valves), while they could still be controlled electrically from the timer.

I am pretty sure the mechanical control used to work properly.

What could account for the mechanical control failure while the electrical control still works fine?

Can this be fixed? Or do I need to replace the entire valve?



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I'd have to see the details on the part itself. It makes no sense that a "mechanical" control doesn't work when an "electrical" control does. I'd expect the "electrical" control to operate a solenoid which then operates the same the "mechanical" control to open/close the valve.

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It sounds like the (plastic?) linkage between the lever and the valve gate(s) has failed. I'd remove and inspect it (some disassembly may be required) to see if something 'looks broken' and either try a fix or replace it.

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