Entry doors?

mini_meAugust 5, 2009

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I am really in a dilemma. We are replacing the front entry door of our house but I don't know WHAT STYLE.

I'm posting a pic and I'm hoping someone can give me an idea as to what would look nice on this style house.

From the INSIDE, the door opens against the wall at the left and you walk straight UPSTAIRS to the upper level of the home. If you take a step or two to the right- you can go DOWNSTAIRS to the lower level- which is my work area.

We would like to have a door and sidelights as well- one on each side... as well as the window area above. However, that would mean moving the door over and it would open right up onto the stair railing (which is actually WALL with oak top) And it would be difficult to bring furniture upstairs etc.

Because of the stairs AND the area above- where the window would go... the door likely must stay right where it is- and another door size window- (OR the other DOOR) beside it- where the big window is in my pic. Because it needs to be centered due to the area above the door.

SO, we are wondering if it would look okay to have some sort of DOUBLE doors on the front. When opened- it would open up (on the right) to a coat closet- but we'd likely not use the door that much? Also... what about Double FRENCH doors? I would LOVE to have the option of opening the upper half in the summer.

Anyhow- please, if anyone has any odea as to what would work well on this house- please share with me!

Thanks so much in advance!

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Any door that works for you would look good.

From the photo it looks like the front door is a patio sliding glass door. Judging by the front yard being kid central, and Christmas light still being on the roof, another sliding glass door would be good.

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