mosaic moments?

swamp_thingMarch 2, 2006

My daughter got me some mosaic like layout?Its black with small squares like?I have seen pictures with theses and they look like real nice? How do you do these/Do you cut them cut or lay it on top of the pictures and glue them down or what?What kind of glue would you use?and cutting them in a lot of squares seem like a hand full?Hope someone knows what I am talking about?

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I'm not sure what you have. CM has square shaped punches that work great for punching uniform squares. To stick them to paper, you can use a glue stick, THey sell glue sticks for scrapbooking in the scrapbook section at stores, but I suspect a regular glue stick is the same thing. In place of glue, you can use photosticks that are little squares of double sided tape. I'd arrange the squares on the paper first and then put my picture down.

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THey are 12x12 size overlays don't need to cut photos to fit they fit over your photos?I can see to put glue all around the edges but the line in between them how would you glue that down or would you? Thank you so much for answering my post. Swamp thing

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I think I have a better idea of what you are talking about.

Another way to stick the photos would be to make an extra large mat to go behind them and then put photo sticks on the outside of the matted photo and stick it to the underside of the overlay. I wouldn't worry about gluing anything else down. I think it would preserve your picture better.

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hello and you lost me here?I understand stick the photo's on a large matted paper but then you lost me?So, sorry I'm reading it again but still do not understand? What are photo sticks?Ok think I understand now? but I don't know where you were get photo sticks at?

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