Tiger Natural Gas

Larry WassonNovember 22, 2008

Does anyone have any experiences or comments about TigerNaturalGas.com ? Sent them my gas usage and they indicated my savings would be about 10% per year.

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Don't know anything other than what I just Googled - a minority and women owned supplier. Would be a factor to consider, but not the sole reason for going with Tiger over another company.

This is from Florida Power & Light...

"Comparing different natural gas offers can be difficult. In order to compare, you need to have every supplier quote based upon the same elements. For instance, are all proposals based upon the same index (e.g. Inside FERC Gas Market Reports, 1st of month, FGT zone 3). Other elements to consider are does your current offer include:

Any "pass through" charges and exactly what is included in those charges
Balancing charges
Retainage charges
Fuel charges
Usage charges
Alert day charges"

Way back when, when we converted to natural gas, the lines, installation, everything mechanical connected to the conversion was free. For you now, aside from a possible 10% savings, would there be costs associated with switching from your current supplier - even something so simple as removing one company's meter for another, etc? I honestly don't know, but if there are, it could eat into any savings. Savings wouldn't be the natural gas itself, that's sold by the cubic foot, but it would be in transportation costs or whatever service add ons the company imposes.

I hope there's an expert out there who can weigh in for you.

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This game is sort of like if you'd had groceries delivered to your door by your regular supplier for years ...

...then a new guy shows up, says he can provide groceries cheaper.

His plan includes assuming that he can use your present supplier's truck for delivery - without charge.

Including driver.

Gas for the truck to be provided by your current supplier, as well.

How'd you like to be in your current supplier's shoes?

Would you go for such a deal?

ole joyful

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Remember, when considering a third party supplier, you will still get a bill from your regular gas company (the company of last resort). The reason is that you still have to pay for using and maintaining the gas lines, and pay the primary gas company for delivering the gas to your home (and reading the meter, etc).

You may save 10% on the gas itself--but I imagine, by the time you pay both bills, you'll probably find that you're about breaking even.

The place you should go, though, for answers, is your states board of public utilities. They'll be able to tell you what kind of company this is, whether customers are generally pleased with them, if there are any issues with the, etc.

We did use a 3rd party supplier for both our electric and gas when our state first deregulated. Over the years, though, a lot of those companies have gone belly up, and we are back with the main company in our area. But, of course, after the deregulation, the prices have skyrocketed. Economically, there are some areas where it makes sense to have a regulated monopoly--utilities is one of those, IMO. We were much better off before the government deregulated the industry.

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