swamp_thingMarch 9, 2006

Hello need to make a 12x12 layout of my daughter's and her hubby new harley davison motocycle? I don't have no ideas on the title or the layout so scrappers needs your help?

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Check Paper or Scrapper's Alley, page 130. They have a who bunch of stuff with Harleys As to the layout, it can be anything you wish. Start by laying out pictures, frames, etc on a 12x12 sheet, try Denium Blue or light Grey DO NOT stick or glue until you feel it looks right. Do you have any type of craft shop in your area--if not, ask a art teacher etc. Does your daughter/husband belong to any clubs? If not, contact the local Harley-Davison shop or any cycle shop and they may have someone with better ideas. Good luck

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thank you will check out the websites you gave me and all of the other ideas sounds good to me! Bye Rita

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Where I work we sell Harley paper and stickers.
I have also seen a Harley book out there.
If you can't find anything let me know.

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Hello Debiwebi I have not seen any stickers yet but I don't drive so I have to depend on someone else to take me places and I hate to ask someone to take me if you know what I mean but hey will keep my eyes open when I do go bye for now and thank you so much for answering my post.Rita

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